Hi. I'm Zach Strauss.

I write about, build tools for, and solve complex B2B sales & marketing problems for small to mid-market businesses.

Where I'm Coming From

I've held various marketing and sales roles at Fortune 500's and venture-backed startups. I'm passionate about solving complex problems centered around customer acquisition for B2B companies.

Over time, I've been fortunate to translate that passion into a few business ventures. 

I now spend my time building, acquiring, and investing in companies. These companies support small & mid-market businesses in their pursuit of customer acquisition. 


Building & Running

Apex Collective

Grey Matter

A customer acquisition agency built for small to mid-market manufacturing & industrial companies. We guarantee an ROI or I cut a check back for part of our services.

A membership platform for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs that combines courses, community, and consulting; all focused on growing their business.



Stop buying bad contact databases and start building your own. SharperLeads provides highly granular contact databases for B2B companies.

Fill your inbox with sales qualified conversations. SalesVelocity prospect's for you, as you. All you need to do is close.



I've used writing as a way to help myself and others learn complex subjects. 

Some subjects I write about: 

The psychology of why people buy and how to translate that into your sales & marketing. 

Testing, implementing, and reporting on new marketing & sales tools. 

How to personalize your outbound sales activity while doing so at scale.

Crafting copy that convinces and converts prospects into buyers.

Understanding mental models and why they are the best way to make intelligent decisions.

What I’ve learned after spending over 7 figures on paid advertising channels.

I create & deliver a free 'deep-dive' newsletter every 1-2 months. Join 8,784 individuals (as of Sept 2022) who have subscribed to hear from me over the years.


Acquiring & Investing In Companies

I write checks to early-stage SaaS companies that are focused on solving sales or marketing problems at scale for businesses. 

I also invest in or acquire well-run, 'boring' small businesses, regardless of industry. 

Fit into one of the categories above? Reach out below. 

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